Ischia Hotel We are hoteliers for three generations and have learned to cuddle with polite discretion to help make this well-deserved vacation unforgettable.
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From 01/09/2017 To 15/10/2017

Offers Ischia

Offers Ischia

From 02/09/2017 To 15/10/2017

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Our power... our guests
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The Hotel Hibiscus, started in the '60s, unifies both the long lasting experience and the familiar atmosphere of its management, expressed by developing with its Italian as well as international guests a friendly approach, which enables the owners to boast of the enthusiastic coming back of a huge number of guests.

The Hotel lies on a surface of around 7,000 sqm, and is surrounded by tall trees, such as pines, eucalyptuses, Canadian poplars etc., which were planted there during its construction. In fact, though it lies in the town-centre, it is nevertheless bathed in a Mediterranean maquis.

Each side of the hotel enjoys a beautiful view all around with the well-known sunsets and the famous green ray. Stillness, pure air and flora, together with all the services offered by the hotel, represent the winning secret of the Hotel Hibiscus.

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Albergo Villa Hibiscus
I - 80075 Forio (Na)
S.S. 270 Forio - Lacco, 31
Tel.:+39 081 998030
Fax.:+39 081 998983
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Vito Della Speranza
Tommaso Cutellese

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